MBA Degree Program Course Curriculum

The focus of traditional MBA programs around the country has been the role of the general manager with broad responsibilities from finance to marketing. Thus, breadth has always been the focus of an MBA program. The world has changed, and the role of big data and business analytics has become an integral part of the general manager position as new skills must be learned in order to be the most effective decision-maker.

As a result, the demands of leadership, management, and followership in this business analytics-focused environment are quite challenging and are infused throughout the Marist MBA curriculum. The Marist MBA is comprised of core courses, electives, and optional concentrations in ethical leadership, health care administration, and finance management. A business analytics focus is infused throughout the degree.

The Marist MBA is offered in an asynchronous online format to accommodate the needs of working professionals. While the courses are structured and interactive - with clearly articulated assignments, projects, readings, discussions, and deadlines - there are very few times when you will be required to log-in on a specific date and time. The curriculum of the Marist MBA consists of 9 core courses and 3 elective/concentration courses.

Full-time students complete the degree in as little as 4 semesters; part-time students may take up to 5 years, depending on the number of courses they take each semester. Students can start in fall or spring semesters with each semester having two rounds of eight-week classes, and we offer one eight-week round over the summer semester.

The Marist MBA Core courses will address topics that are vital to a general MBA program, and form the fundamental pillars that accomplished managers will draw upon when evaluating programs and processes, defining problem resolution, and managing operations across all industries.

The course list and the descriptions found below will help define the skill sets students new to the business world will acquire, and highlight those skills that will be further developed for students coming to us with prior business experience.

Regardless of your chosen concentration, the online MBA format is structured with projects, readings, discussions, and deadlines while also not requiring a graduate student to be online at any specific time for the majority of the course. Students who are working full-time can create personal schedules to complete their coursework, online, by their given deadlines.

The Business Administration degree offers three distinct concentrations for students interested in Ethical Leadership, Financial Management, and Health Care Administration. Each concentration is comprised of specific and innovative learning for students to round out their business degree. Learn more about each unique concentration. Did you know you can structure your MBA degree plan to add in an Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics by adding just two additional courses?

Students can select two courses from the Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics to fill two of their three MBA elective slots, and then during the completion of their MBA, if they add in the remaining two certificate courses, they can complete their MBA AND earn the Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics. Think of it as an MBA + 2 to earn the Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics.