Part-Time Business Administration Master's Degree

The Master's in Business Administration degree was designed with the working adult in mind, offering a part-time approach. Students are able to complete their degree on their own time while gaining real-world experience. Roughly 90% of students in our MBA program are fulfilling a full-time career while being a part-time student at Marist College.

Part-Time Master's in Business Administration Course Load. A smaller course load allows part-time students to fulfill their degree in just under three years. Students who require more time, have up to seven years to complete their degree. Part-time students are given the flexibility to earn a degree while maintaining their current career or juggling a busy family life.

Choosing the Online Part-Time MBA Degree. The online MBA format is structured with projects, readings, discussions, and deadlines while also not requiring a graduate student to be online at any specific time for the majority of the course. Students who are working full-time can create personal schedules to complete their coursework, online, by their given deadlines.

Concentrations in the MBA program include Ethical Leadership, Financial Management, and Health Care Administration. Contact Marist College and learn more about enrollment as a part-time graduate student in the Masters of Business Administration degree program.

Enroll in the Online Ethical Leadership Master's Degree Concentration Ethical Leadership in business, or the lack thereof, has become a big focus in the media over the last decade. With the explosion of viral news sources, unethical business leaders and their wrongdoings are constantly being exposed. This new phenomenon gives way to the importance of business ethics and leadership skills taught in the classroom. These types of ethical leadership skills can give students a leg up in the world of business.

Marist College's MBA with a concentration in Ethical Leadership is an AACSB-accredited online MBA program. This program exposes students to the basic tenants of leadership and ethical decision-making in the business sector. Through our 100% online MBA graduate program in Ethical Leadership, students will learn to apply ethical tactics and concepts throughout their lives and future leadership careers. The intention of the MBA Ethical Leadership Master's degree program is to prepare students to be effective leaders and to solve the challenges of ethical dilemmas they will face in their careers.

Marist College's Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in Ethical Leadership is a top online accredited MBA program. With this convenient, 100% online master's program students can earn their Ethical Leadership Master's degree through an entirely virtual program. Contact us today to learn more about earning your Master's in Business Administration degree online through Marist's Ethical Leadership program.

MBA in Ethical Leadership Program Online Courses. Courses are offered in 8-week segments or “rounds.” Round 1 courses run the first 8 weeks of each semester. Round 2 courses run the second 8 weeks of each semester. There is also one 8 week round that will run over the summer.