The Four Pillars Of Grand Canyon University

I learned how to spend time wisely, prioritize my time, create daily schedules and take good notes. Setting the pace early, will take good studying behaviors into habits. If I want to succeed in life, then sometimes I will have to say “no”. I have decided to make the A-B-C list, which was described in the lesson. The “A” list is things I must do that day.

The “B” list is everything I must complete within the week. The “C” list is everything that is important, but is long term. By doing this list, I have time for myself, family, school and work. My typical work week consists of sleeping, working, hanging with family and watching television. After completing the time monitoring sheet, I realize that most of my time is being wasted.

I watch television at least 3-5 hours a day. I can cut it down to 3 hours and use the other hours, for class work. Visiting family every day is time consuming, so I could just take time and call them through the week. Calling my family will give me 10 extra hours during the week. Taking good notes will allow me to become an active participant in my own learning.

Great note taking will allow me to be more successful in college. Using the SCORE Method is way to take good notes. Score means to select important information, condense your notes, organize your notes, rephrase contents and elaborate on your notes. I am ready to obtain my degree. I am focused and will not allow mt time to bewasted.

In reviewing your data and notes, you will now write a 200-250-word summary. Briefly discuss your findings, and if you are utilizing your time wisely or there are areas where you need to adjust to be more successful in college and life. You may also want to consider adding supportive information from the readings in chapter 4 to help express your points in your summary.

Please write your summary in the space provided below. You will be able to manipulate the space if you require more room for your summary.Important: Once you have completed the assignment, be sure to submit the assignment to the appropriate assignment drop box for Topic 1 Assignment. Please be sure to click on the FINAL submit button, as your assignment will not be submitted unless you do this.

Failure to do this could result in late penalties or a zero. To review assignment grade and feedback, you will go to the same place where you submitted the assignment. Please watch for any important announcements that your instructor may post in regards to assignments and grades throughout the course.

In Part A, you begin by keeping an informal time log in which you note all your activities for 3 days, from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.(even if your wake-up and bedtime alter from this beginning and end time, please use this time-frame and just place what you are doing duringthe hours allocated).

You will use this information for planning ways to make better use of your time.In Part B, you will briefly analyze the results from your time log to determine the changes you need to make to your time schedule and how you will manage those changes.

After analyzing your data, you will construct a reflective 200-250-word summary of your time-monitoring analysis and identify two main discoveries you found; whether this was positive or negative discovery. You may also wish to consider the information from chapter 4 of the textbook as you complete your reflection, as you may wish to reference to help support your findings.