Resources for Financial Services Students

As an undergraduate student at UNA, the University Success Center offers you access to free tutoring in mostly 100/200 level classes. Our goal is to help you achieve the academic success that you want. Tutors can also assist you with a variety of study and learning strategies. Please note that occasionally students request a certain subject for tutoring. This can lead to an additional course or two being offered in any given semester.

Not all courses are guaranteed every semester, although our most popular courses will be offered. If you have questions about a particular class. If you would like to schedule a tutoring session, you can call the University Success Center at 56.765.422. Typical tutoring sessions are 30 minutes and students are encouraged to bring lecture notes and all other materials related to the course.

UNA has also implemented a new system to help you create a class schedule faster and easier. You can customize the Pride Planner to show you classes that fit around your work and extracurricular activities, making registering for classes much faster when the time comes. You can find the link to the Pride Planner under the Registration tab. It is the second purple banner across the top.

Pre-registration is the process by which you meet with your advisor to plan your schedule for the next semester. You must meet with an advisor before you can pre-register for classes. Please review the following information before making an appointment to meet with your advisor:

Review your program of study in the catalog in effect at the time you enrolled in classes at UNA, not necessarily the current catalog. Draft a schedule of classes that includes course numbers, call numbers and section numbers. All of this information can be found in the published schedule of classes on the Registrar's website or under Look Up Classes.

In order to make the most effective use of both your time and your advisor's time, come to your appointment with a draft of your schedule. Prepare questions to ask your advisor about course selection, academic progress, and career opportunities in the field of your major.

Any student who has been suspended for one calendar year or any student who has been suspended for three calendar years and has completed one year of the suspension period may file a written appeal and appear before the Readmissions Committee. The written appeal must be submitted no later than two weeks before the opening date of residence halls as listed in the University Calendar.

This deadline applies for the semester that readmission is sought. The Readmissions Committee usually meets the Monday before classes begin in Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. Once the appeal is filed, the student will appear before the Readmissions Committee for the appeal hearing. Students will be notified via email of the hearing time and place.

If you have, or suspect you may have, a learning, psychological, or physical disability, the staff at the Disability Support Services office may be able to help you receive classroom accommodations to better enable you in your academic pursuits. You may be tempted to avoid asking for assistance; this is a mistake. Everyone needs help at some point in life and you are encouraged to seek the help necessary for academic success. If we are not made aware of your need for help, then we won't be able to help you.

For help with stress and beyond, confidential services are available to all actively enrolled students who have paid the Student Wellness Fee. Outpatient mental health services include: Psychosocial Assessments, Individual and Group counseling, Crisis Intervention, Group Psycho-educational and classroom presentations, Referrals to community resources.